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How Long Do Fiberglass Pools Last (Life Expectancy Guide)

Man in his fiberglass pool

Pools are a big investment, you might ask yourself how long do fiberglass pools last, and you want to be sure you’re doing it right. One of the biggest questions when determining which direction is right for you, is whether or not you should go with a lined, concrete or fiberglass pool. 

Life Expectancy Of Concrete Pool, Vinyl-Lined Pool And Fiberglass Pool:

  • Vinyl-Lined Pool: On average, you can expect a vinyl-lined pool to last 6-12 years. While it may be the less expensive option initially, a vinyl liner will need replacement every 6-12 years and requires a lot more maintenance & work.
  • Concrete Pool: While a concrete pool will most definitely have a higher life expectancy than a vinyl-lined pool, it does require resurfacing approximately every 10 years. Concrete pools also require more chemicals than fiberglass for maintenance.
  • Fiberglass Pool: A fiberglass pool will last at least 30 years or more. It is 17 times stronger than concrete, for unparalleled strength. This life expectancy is often dependent on the manufacturer, which is an important piece to consider when making your decision. Many offer a lifetime warranty.  


Why Do Fiberglass Pools Last So Long

Unprecedented Durability: High tensile strength and flexibility makes cracking nearly impossible. 

6 layers of impermeable strength: Each layer has unique properties designed to make your pool the most durable option out there.

Non-Porous Surfaces: A nonporous surface means that water and chemicals cannot permeate through the walls of the pool. 


The Verdict Life Expectancy Of A Fiberglass Pool

Ultimately, it’s dependent on your budget. But this is an investment that could potentially last you a lifetime. Over time, fiberglass is definitely the cheaper of the three options. With the fastest installation, the least maintenance and its virtually impenetrable surface that will last you a minimum of 30 years, Guy Robert Landscape & Design is ready to turn your dreams into reality.  



The author of this post is Mathieu Robert, certified from La Cité Collégiale in construction and building techniques.


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