The Next Frontier for Innovation, Style, and Elegance in Custom swoon-worthy

3D designs

3D Designs

The Next Frontier for Innovation, Style, and Elegance in Custom swoon-worthy creations 

We are proud to now offer original 3D designs, an exceptional additional service allowing you to get a real-life glimpse into your backyards potential. All 3D designs are made to scale.

These 3D designs are staged to help you envision placement of furniture, backyard features and to determine which pool size would best suit your space. Get a glimpse at what your backyard would look like at night with some of our lighting features that set the mood. With the press of a button, we take you to the daytime to see what a day by the pool would be like right in your backyard.

Guy Robert has always been passionate about creating original designs and his son at a very young age would sit at the table watching with admiring eyes. His son, Mathieu, now designs each backyard with a unique custom touch to each creation. Keeping up to date with the latest trends while also keeping timeless touches, Mathieu is dedicated to ensuring that every backyard, regardless of size, gets transformed into a one-of-a-kind backyard oasis of your dreams.

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Architectural visualization

Architectural visualization is not just about showing form and function. It’s about conveying emotions. Bringing a feeling to life. Showing how spaces affect people on a deeper level. It allows us to tell a story about the creation of your original design and makes it easy to understand how your projects will translate into concrete experiences and emotions.

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Examples of 3D Design

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