Fibro Fiberglass Pools

Modern, elegant, crystal blue water

Are you thinking about a pool to make your backyard the best place to be in hot weather? Nothing transforms your backyard into a resort like atmosphere quite like a Fibro fiberglass pool.

Guy Robert specializes in the sale and installation of Fibro fiberglass pools for over a decade. To suit your taste perfectly, Fibro offers pools in several models, shapes and sizes to choose from. No matter the size of your backyard, you are sure to find just the right model to meet your needs to make your summers the best they can be

Fibro pools, regardless of the model, include, an insulated shell, geotextile membrane, skimmer, plumbing, installed whirlpool jets and a dewatering well. All contributing factors in ensuring easier maintenance for your new pool which leaves you more time to kick back, relax and enjoy the sun. Fibro’s pools are complete and ready to use, but don’t let the fun end there! There are a number of options available to customize your pool exactly as you want it.

Discover the Fibro pool model that meets all your needs.

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Choosing a Fibro pool

Fibro’s fiberglass-reinforced resin pool technology, developed for aerospace and marine applications, is masterfully applied to each of our pools. Inch by inch, fiberglass is 17 times stronger than concrete.

This process ensures unparalleled structural strength and flexibility, offering greater resistance to temperature variations and pressure caused by freezing. With its monocoque design, Fibro pools are exceptionally watertight, insulated and offers the best structural warranty in the industry

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We have all the necessary equipment to carry out the excavation of your pool, the work will be done entirely by our qualified employees.

Preparation of the stone bed

Once the excavation is completed, a geotextile membrane is spread at the bottom of the hole. The membrane is then covered with a bed of crushed stone.

Setting up the pool

Once the pool is in position, we make sure that the pool is well supported on the crushed stone bed.


Filling the space between the basin wall and the excavation wall with crushed stone.

The installation of the dewatering well

Use of a perforated drain of 10 inches in diameter, Definition of the dewatering well location.

The connection of the piping

In one simple step, we connect the piping to the filtration system, suction hose and push hose.

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