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Heating a fiberglass pool

Fibco pool : affordable hot water!
Made of insulating materials :

Fiberglass is an insulating material. All our pools are insulated with polyurethane foam. Combined, these two features will ensure that your water will always be at least 8°F warmer than any other pool.

In fact, with a Fibro pool a gas heating system will allow you to start your swimming season earlier and extend it later at the end of the season. Customers who decide to purchase a heater benefit from lower operating costs than our competitors because the pool maintains its heat better than any other type of pool.

Comparison with other types of pools

Canvas & concrete: heat at its price…
Made of conductive materials :

The structure of a liner pool is made of steel walls and a concrete bottom. Two cold conductive materials. When the ground is dug 4′ to 6′ deep, the temperature of the ground remains around 60°F, even in the middle of a heat wave. If you want to bathe in water above 80°F without a water heater, you can only do so during the heat wave. In short, to have warm water in a liner pool a water heater will be necessary. According to one analysis, it would cost you $7 per hour. This heat gained is immediately lost, because these pools are not insulated increasing your consumption and at the same time your costs.

Blown concrete (gunite): high costs.
Made of conductive materials:

The pool is constructed entirely of concrete. Making the concrete pool even more cold conductive than a canvas pool. With the concrete pool, the effects of the ground are the same as for the canvas pool. This means that more gas will be needed to heat the water in the pool, which will result in considerable expense each summer.


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